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Platform of Integrated Solutions

Smonik provides a platform of integrated solutions focused on improving efficiency and control in investment operations.

We feature enterprise-wide, real-time software solutions that deliver proven efficiencies to any data-intensive process. By partnering with you and using standard implementation methodologies, Smonik delivers solutions on time and on budget, enhancing your return on investment.

We specialize in PDF Data Extraction, Reconciliation, Data Retrieval, and Data Management. SMONIK AUTOMIK, our holistic, automated, turn-key data management solution, can handle all aspects of data collection, extraction, transformation, validation, and reconciliation.

Our data processing capabilities include the ability to retrieve, transform, reconcile, and report on any data sets; a powerful set of tools invaluable in any investment operation.

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Our clients are primarily asset managers and institutional investors looking to upgrade their investment operations; specifically in the area of data management.

  • Holistic, Automated, Turn-key Data Management Solution
  • Specializing in the financial services sector and providing consulting services
  • A unique set of challenges, that is where Smonik’s experienced project management professionals make the difference
  • Experience in developing and maintaining hundreds of products for established companies, SMEs, and startups
  • Create and implement custom system integration solutions to streamline and automate data flow for business processes, improve performance, and access real-time data

Professional Services Organization

Smonik’s professional services organization is dedicated to the delivery of truly transformative business solutions based on Smonik’s platform. This includes SMONIK AUTOMIK, our turn-key solution for easy data management.
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