Smonik provides enterprise-wide, real-time software solutions that deliver proven efficiencies to any data intensive process.  Our data processing capabilities include the ability to retrieve, transform, reconcile and report on any data sets; a powerful set of tools invaluable in any investment operation.

Smonik's software solutions enable the user to manage data, setup the reconciliation and configure reconciliation settings entirely in the user interface, resulting in minimal, if any, reliance on new development to achieve a desired result.  We put the power in the hands of the user!
Smonik RECON (Smonik Reconciliation Engine)

Position Reconciliation: Solution for Reconciling positions or tax-lots for a broad range of financial instruments and accounts. Reconcile quantity, cost, market value or other data fields.

Cash Reconciliation: Solution for Reconciling cash transactions and cash balances for any currency.  Apply filters to view data by currency, transaction type, custodial account or Fund.

Trade Reconciliation: Solution for reconciling trade activity between OMS, internal accounting system, broker/custodian or Third-Party Administrator

Generic Reconciliation: Users can customize solution to reconcile dividends, commissions and other data points.

Smonik SRP(Smonik Reporting Platform)

Smonik-SRP allows users to easily create highly-formatted, book-quality, management and operational reports. Organizations have stakeholders who demand information in varying layouts, end-users comprised of different security levels, managers who insist on static, pre-defined reports, and analysts who desire the ability to manipulate metadata that ultimately builds each report. These can be easily met with Smonik-SRP.