How SMONIK AUTOMIK Processes Your Data in 4 Steps

admin | December 15, 2019| 12:14 pm

Smonik’s latest innovative solution, SMONIK AUTOMIK can transform your investment operations in four easy steps. Designed to improve efficiencies by automating the collection and integration of data, this holistic, turn-key data management service relieves the burden of data processing. SMONIK AUTOMIK seamlessly incorporates into your operations and provides total control over the data you need. The process is simple:

  1. Smonik automatically retrieves files from wherever you collect them (internal network locations, websites, FTP sites, or even from emails) based on your schedule.
  2. Smonik saves the documents to a pre-defined folder and renames the files based on underlying data.
  3. Smonik automatically extracts your required data and produces a customized file to meet your internal system requirements.
  4. Smonik performs automated validation checks throughout the process to ensure accuracy. Exceptions are detected and corrected.

The typical manual method for processing data requires hours of difficult work, multiple teams to extract and then validate the data, and is susceptible to costly human error. Time and expenses are wasted, impacting your ability to focus on your clients and business needs.

Don’t let the burden of data collection and integration affect you and your team. Leave it to Smonik!

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