Mitigating Risk During a Crisis

admin | July 24, 2020| 11:46 am

When unforeseen circumstances threaten our businesses, how can we minimize the impact? What defenses do we have to mitigate damage? How can we continue to do our jobs like there were no disruptions?

In the world of institutional investing, the answer lies in our partnerships. With so many moving parts crucial to success, investment firms must look outward for assistance when faced with adversity. This aid often comes from companies that can relieve back office burdens so firms can focus on their clients and investments. By allowing a third party to handle certain operations during times of uncertainty, firms can concentrate on what they do best: investing.

For many institutional investors, the greatest burden on their operations is the manual extraction of data. Data is especially imperative during times of volatility but acquiring and converting it into useful information is demanding. It comes from many sources, in a variety of forms, and must be painstakingly extracted and validated before it can be analyzed. The related tasks often require multiple teams using manual procedures. The data is identified, collated, and transferred onto spreadsheets, then subjected to vigorous quality controls. It is an inefficient, time-consuming process susceptible to human error.

To minimize the stress of data processing during times of crisis, investment firms must find a trustworthy partner who can deliver their data quickly and accurately. This partner must be able to gather the necessary documents from specified sources, extract, transform, and validate the data, then seamlessly transfer it to the firm’s downstream systems. Just like the investment firm’s focus is on its investments, this company must be focused on delivering data. Do what you do best; and find trusted partners, experts in their own fields, to complete your product and/or service.

Smonik Systems can be that partner for your firm. We specialize in gathering, extracting, normalizing, validating, and integrating data for institutional investment firms. Our automated data processing system is accurate and fast, capable of handling volumes of documents, extracting any data from complicated formats, and delivering it seamlessly into your systems. If you are experiencing difficulty focusing on your investments during trying times, let Smonik be your partner to relieve your operational burden.

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