Need Help? . . . Managing Your Data!

admin | October 17, 2020| 12:00 pm

The COVID-19 crisis has created a storm of turbulence for global markets. As an institutional investor, you are forced to watch your assets more closely than ever as values fluctuate. You must intensify your focus on your investments while not letting the essential operational tasks of your firm go by the wayside. It is a difficult balance, as both aspects of your business are crucial.

If you are having difficulty focusing on your investment strategies during this time of volatility, Smonik is here to help. Smonik can eliminate the onus of data processing so you can concentrate on investing. Our system can automatically collect documents and extract the data you need to make informed decisions. The results are rapid, accurate, and ready to be integrated with your internal systems.

Our holistic, turn-key service for data management, SMONIK AUTOMIK, is the perfect solution for institutional investors who are struggling to maintain their operations during the crisis. Seamlessly integrate essential data into your systems with minimal effort. Specify your document sources and let SMONIK AUTOMIK retrieve, extract, and normalize your data, then produce a custom output file for downstream integration. SMONIK AUTOMIK also includes automated verification processes to ensure data accuracy.

Please let us know what Smonik can do to assist you.