PDF Extraction Tool
Free yourself from data processing, work on data analysis.
PDF Extraction Tool
Smonik’s PDF Data Extraction capabilities automate the collection of alternative investment data typically delivered in PDF formatted documents. Automate the retrieval, data extraction, and data integration for capital calls, distribution notices, capital statements, and other alternative investment data. Smonik uses a supervised learning methodology to understand document patterns and applies this process to map the data to be extracted. Data verification algorithms can also be customized to validate specific data points.
Hover over icons to see description Brokers • Custodians • Administrators • Alternative Managers • Data Vendors Structured or Unstructured PDF Document Smonik PDF Data Extraction Tool Portfolio Systems • Accounting Systems • Data Management
  • Ability to extract data from structured or unstructured PDF documents.
  • Automates the collection and extraction of data for alternative investments.
  • Manage and view document processing status using a web-based dashboard.
  • Retrieve documents from network folders, email attachments, message queues, websites, and FTP sites.
  • Extract data from capital call notices, distribution notices, capital statements, K1's, financial statements (SOI's, etc), invoices, and other unstructured documents.
  • Supervised learning process ensures accurate mapping of data.
  • Many manager/administrator document formats are already automated.
Smonik Recon
Just Browse, Load, and Reconcile.
Smonik Recon
Smonik Recon is a powerful, enterprise wide solution with capabilities to reconcile any data sets. Typical reconciliations include position, cash (balance and transaction), and trade activity. However, our clients have also utilized Smonik to reconcile many other scenarios such as dividends, interest, and commissions. Smonik can also be used as a control mechanism to independently calculate values such as commissions or fees on managed accounts and then compare them to what was actually charged. Smonik Recon facilitates data processing in a systematic and consistent manner and removes reliance on error prone spreadsheets or manual data entry.
Hover over icons to see description Data acquisition (file retrieval) integrated Any multiple of data sets Smonik Recon Tool Format and transformation of data is 100% in control of the user
  • Setup of recon is 100% in control of user. All setup functions are included in the User Interface.
  • Format and transformation of data is 100% in control of user. These functions are also included in the User Interface.
  • Data acquisition (file retrieval) is integrated with Recon. Recon begins automatically once the files are received.
  • Rich functionality for reconciliation and exception management.
  • Users can configure reports through the User Interface or use standard dashboards/reports.
  • Sophisticated exception handling includes; email alerts, case creation, seamless flow into period end reconciliations, and journal entries.
  • High volumes – Smonik’s matching engine easily handles tens of millions of transactions in each pass.
  • Flexible, rules-driven matching criteria to allow user to control configurable matching logic.
  • Periodic archive based on user defined time periods.
Smonik DMS
Greater control, visibility, and predictability across your data flows.
Smonik DMS (Data Management Services)
Smonik DMS allows users to configure the automated retrieval and transformation of data from targeted sources, such as other databases, FTP sites, message queues, web services, email, etc. - completely eliminating the need for an organization to manually extract and transform data from files. Files can be scheduled to retrieve data using an automated schedule or on-demand.
Hover over icons to see description Targeted Sources: Databases, FTP Sites, Message Queues, Web Services, Email, etc Automated retrieval of data from targeted sources Smonik DMS Tool Integrated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process allows flexibility integrating files
  • Smonik's integrated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process allows flexibility integrating files. Map any data file, in any format, and from any source. ETL can be used to map anything from a simple flat-file layout to a real time XML-formatted message.
  • DMS gives you greater control, visibility, and predictability across your data flows by utilizing a single web-based dashboard.
  • DMS allows you to automate operational workflows while reducing the risk of human error.
  • Built upon a unique data aggregation and management platform, Smonik’s DMS modular design can be adapted to your existing infrastructure, organizational needs, and budgetary considerations.
  • Pre-defined mappings for major Prime Brokers.
  • OTC derivatives and SWIFT ready.
  • Data normalization and enrichment tactics such as formulas, concatenation, transformation, and rule-based conversion are easy to configure through the ETL user interface.
  • Supports multiple locations and time zones.
Smonik SRP
Best in class solution for reporting, ad hoc query, and analysis.
Smonik SRP (Smonik Reporting Platform)
Organizations today have stakeholders who demand information in varying layouts, formats, and with different levels of granularity. End-users are comprised of senior management, operations managers, and analytical users who desire the ability to manipulate the metadata that ultimately builds each report.

SRP is a complete, open, and architecturally unified reporting solution for firms, delivering best in class capabilities for reporting, ad hoc query, and analysis. All financial data as well as metrics, calculations, definitions, and hierarchies are managed in a common information model, providing users with accurate and consistent insight regardless where the information is consumed.
Hover over icons to see description Financial Data • Metrics • Calculations • Definitions • Hierarchies Smonic SRP Tool Manipulate Data, Control Layout Highly-formatted book-quality management and operational reports
  • Report automation - Users can run and print multiple reports from a pre-defined schedule with batching. The batching process allows reports to run overnight with other batch processes. Once all reports have finished processing, they can be sent to folders on shared network drives, printed, or sent to end clients via Smonik-Reportal.
  • User control - Users have complete control over layouts, formatting, fonts, and colors, as well as a flexible range of output options enabling wide distribution via print, HTML web pages, PDF, and online viewing.
  • Rapid report creation - A graphical, easy to use interface enables the rapid creation of reports that combine grids of data, text, charts, graphs, and images.
  • Reusable content - A library of reusable report components simplifies and streamlines the process of building and maintaining complex reports.
  • Multiple source applications - Financial Reporting accepts connections into multiple source systems/applications, including multiple databases, Smonik applications, accounting systems (Advent, Eagle, etc,) Access databases, and Excel sheets.