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Smonik Automik
Data Management Solution
Smonik Automik is a holistic, automated, turn-key data management solution for institutional investors.

Smonik is proud to announce the launch of our first fully automated turn-key service solution to gather, extract, normalize, and integrate all of your data. Smonik Automik is designed to automate the burden of data collection and integration. Improve accuracy, efficiency, and have total control over your data. Simply send us your documents in any format and our automated system will rapidly extract and transform the data and return a customized file to meet your internal system requirements.

Current Environment
  • Staff manually retrieves documents from email attachments, downloading from web portals, or SFTP sites. Once the file is retrieved, the staff typically revise the file/document name and save it to an internal network directory.
  • The data extraction process is typically manual. Staff opens the document and enters the required data into an internal system.
  • Because the data was manually extracted and entered, a verification step is required to ensure accuracy. Once again, this is usually a manual process where more experienced staff have to open the document(s) a second time and verify the proper data was extracted and entered to the internal system.
Manual process

Smonik Automik Solution
  • Smonik automatically retrieves documents/files from sites/emails based on schedule.
  • Smonik automatically extracts agreed upon data.
  • Smonik implements various automated data verification processes to ensure 100% data accuracy.
  • Clients are able to view the status of documents/files on a Dashboard.
  • Output data is delivered to clients in a customized output format.

Automated process

Product Implementation
Implementation Services
By specializing in the financial services sector and providing consulting services on and around our products and solutions, Smonik Professional Services has built an unrivalled expertise in understanding the transaction management needs of its clients. Smonik’s expertise and proficiency in both business models and technology ensures that it can provide teams that fulfill all roles within an implementation project.

Smonik employs an implementation methodology developed specifically to implement our products. The flexible approach is designed to ensure it can be adapted to specific products or solutions and the requirements of the client engagement.

Smonik’s dedicated teams of business, technical, and management consultants, coupled with solution architects, provide the technological underpinning enabling us to successfully implement our products and solutions and integrate with investment-related systems to convert a strategic vision into a workable solution.

Business Consulting
As financial institutions look to the challenge of achieving Straight Through Processing (STP) through leveraging technology, the importance of Smonik Technologies’ industry expertise, knowledge, and leading-edge solutions continues to grow.

Smonik’s experience and expertise, gained through more than 1,000 global customer installations, enables us to understand institutions’ business process and needs. Our senior consultants have extensive industry knowledge and have the hands-on experience of a wide range of transaction management disciplines and strategies. They are well placed to advise customers on the best means to achieving first-rate operational efficiency.

Smonik can offer a broad range of consultation services, designed to help firms fully benefit from our solutions, as well as re-engineering your business processes to achieve greater efficiency and control.

Smonik can provide full time business and technical consultants to meet internal staffing requirements for either project efforts or daily operations. Our wide range of multi-talented industry professionals are familiar with both the market and your environment and can easily step in to fulfill any short- or long-term requirements.

Project Management
Management Services
Every project has a unique set of challenges, that is where Smonik's experienced project management professionals make the difference. Smonik is a leading provider of project management services and has established a proven track record for effectively jump starting an organization's project management control systems and building a solid foundation for the successful management of a project. Our technical and project management experts are uniquely suited and dedicated to the success of our customers and to the quality of the solutions they provide.

Smonik’s comprehensive project management capabilities include extensive expertise defining project management system specifications, developing processes, developing and managing complex schedules, budget planning and forecasting, and implementing earned value management reporting systems.

Smonik professionals will compliment your team to provide the following services:

  • Requirements definition and analysis
  • Project management controls system design
  • Process development
  • Software tools evaluation, implementation & training
  • Baseline schedule development & resource allocation
  • Financial planning and forecasting
  • Report design and development
  • EVMS training
  • Web-based EVMS reporting & management systems

How We Do It
Smonik uses a systematic approach and methodology backed by years of experience. We work closely with your organization’s management team to create processes and plans specific to your project that are clear and most importantly, executable. Our experts are proficient in all of the major enterprise software applications commonly used within a project management control systems environment, so we can quickly step in and take the ball forward. If you are undecided as to which tools may best meet your projects objectives, we can assist you with developing the requirements matrix specific to the needs of your project and coordinate the evaluation and testing of the software applications, so that you can select the product that best fits your needs.

It is important that Smonik can step in and shorten the implementation cycle or fill in a necessary skills gap, but what sets Smonik apart from other consulting services firms is our commitment to knowledge transfer through the establishment of sound documentation and training programs. One of our goals in working with you is to empower your team so the project will continue to be successful. We recognize that our success is measured by the success of our clients even after we have performed our role.
Application Development
Product Development
Smonik has experience in developing and maintaining hundreds of products for established companies, SMEs, and startups. We develop and maintain software products for ISVs in the finance, healthcare, education, eCommerce, telecom, and many other industry segments.

We have distilled our experiences into well-structured services that you can leverage during each phase of your software business, from business planning to product development, deployment, and product maintenance.

We build software products that are delivered both “On Demand” and “On Premise”. The deployment model includes Software as a Services (SaaS), web based platforms, client server, mobile, and handheld.

Web Development
At Smonik, we specialize in building and supporting robust, high-capacity web applications and information systems for organizations with online business models. For over ten years, we have used our expertise in eCommerce development, intranet and portal development, personalization technology, and community building to design systems that manage customer information, analyze complex data sets, and target and deliver personalized content.

Smonik provides web application development and maintenance services for financial services, online retailing, marketing and media companies, and web/advertising portals from its CMM Level 4 offshore development center in Ahmedabad, India. Smonik's eBusiness solutions are characterized by a reliable, scalable architecture that reduces downtime while withstanding large volumes of transactions.

Smonik uses Microsoft development technologies, open source technologies, and homegrown frameworks in the J2EE area to rapidly develop and deploy these web applications.

Our eBusiness solutions help your online business by:

  • Expanding and enriching the scope of your services
  • Providing integration with enterprise systems
  • Enhancing customer experience on your site through improved navigation, search and support functions
  • Automating internal and customer-facing processes
  • Working more efficiently with vendors and partners by using customized eBusiness integration applications
  • Establishing best practices in developing and maintaining back-end applications
  • Reducing your total cost of operations using our Offshore eBusiness and web development teams in India

System Integration
Integration Solutions
Smonik creates and implements custom system integration solutions to streamline and automate data flow for business processes, improve performance, and access real-time data. These solutions enable multiple disparate systems to deliver a higher over-arching functionality and reduce operational costs.

Smonik works with multiple vendors and technologies to implement integration solutions, using off-the-shelf packages with SOA, web services, EDIT, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), business process management, and custom programming.

Smonik has developed integration solutions which tie disparate applications together:

  • Accounting software from Intuit, Sage, MFG Pro
  • CRM: SF, Siebel, Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM
  • ERP: PeopleSoft, Navision, Oracle, JDE, Baan

Legacy Migration
Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems is one of the most difficult challenges CIOs face today. While constant technological change has weakened the business value of these systems, they have been developed over many years and financed through large investments.

Despite their obsolescence, legacy systems continue to provide a competitive advantage by containing invaluable knowledge and historical data. Modernizing legacy applications that are mission critical must preserve their functionality during the migration or re-platforming process.

Smonik uses a holistic approach to modernizing legacy application that addresses not only technology re-platforming but also data migration, process redefinition, and EAI issues, as well as staff training and participation needs. Our proprietary platforms and software application development methodologies, productivity tools, and open source solutions enable us to generate and assemble new, custom applications at prices comparable to off-the-shelf software. Our real-time integrated transition methodology incorporates user participation and delivers new applications incrementally though a carefully managed series of events that prevent a cliff-event at final cutover.

  • Development of tailored, enterprise-quality applications, using Smonik applications generation technology
  • Re-platforming of legacy applications by re-creating new applications
  • Enterprise level integration via flexible mechanisms such as SOA and web services
  • Unprecedented cost advantage using a combination of Smonik application generation technology and our offshore delivery model
  • Rapid application generation in response to business processes changes

Services - FAQ

What technologies do you support?

We support websites, internal custom applications, Cloud computing, conversation apps, mobile apps, and services.

Do you re-use my code somewhere else?

No, the code belongs to the client.

What is your development methodology?

The first stage of development involves understanding your requirements. These are then analyzed and we inform you of the estimation. Once you are comfortable with the cost and time, the next step would be the creation of a project report document and a proposal by our business analyst. We will then send them to you for review. Once everything has been finalized, we can take the project to the next stage, which is the development stage.

What’s your pricing model?

We scope the project during the business requirements gathering phase and write a scope document. Once the scope has been signed off, we provide a fixed cost for development. This way you know what it’s going to cost up front and there are no surprises.

I have a new development concept. How can you help?

Get in touch with our team who will be very happy to discuss your idea and answer all of your questions. We can then provide you with an approximate cost estimate.

Will you help us with release after development?

Absolutely. In most cases, we do this cost-free.

Do you develop mobile compliant applications?

Absolutely. We develop websites which are mobile compliant and apps for android and apple platforms.

Who owns the idea and source code?

The client owns the idea and source code.

Do you write a scope document pertaining to the project?

Yes, this would be the first step of any project. One of our lead project managers will co-ordinate with you, along with our business analysts, and will document business requirements, functional requirements, and executive summary documents.

Do you offer support after the project has been delivered and released?

Yes. Usually this will cost an additional fee.

Which cloud platforms do you support?

We support AWS and Azure platforms.

Do you support security / policy compliance?

Yes. We run all code developed by us through static and dynamic security code analysis with the highest security settings. We can run the application through any specific policy compliances you require.

Do you provide training for transfer of knowledge?

Absolutely. Usually this is scoped in the overall project. If required, we can also run user training sessions.