• Smonik Automik

Smonik is proud to announce the launch of our first fully automated turn-key service solution to gather, extract, normalize, and integrate all of your data. SMONIK AUTOMIK is designed to automate the burden of data collection and integration. Improve accuracy, efficiency, and have total control over your data. Simply send us your documents in any format and our automated system will rapidly extract and transform the data and return a customized file to meet your internal system requirements.

Current Environment
  • Staff manually retrieves documents from email attachments, downloading from web portals, or SFTP sites. Once the file is retrieved, the staff typically revise the file/document name and save it to an internal network directory.
  • The data extraction process is typically manual. Staff opens the document and enters the required data into an internal system.
  • Because the data was manually extracted and entered, a verification step is required to ensure accuracy. Once again, this is usually a manual process where more experienced staff have to open the document(s) a second time and verify the proper data was extracted and entered to the internal system.
Smonik Automik Solution
  • Smonik automatically retrieves documents/files from sites/emails based on schedule.
  • Smonik automatically extracts agreed upon data.
  • Smonik implements various automated data verification processes to ensure 100% data accuracy.
  • Clients are able to view the status of documents/files on a Dashboard.
  • Output data is delivered to clients in a customized output format.