Smonik Can Save Your Firm Up to 50% Over ACD

admin | June 19, 2020| 11:39 am

One of the biggest issues investment firms face is the collection and normalization of data. The integration of trade files, position files, cash activity and other investment related data is always a challenge. Every software application is dependent on accurate, clean data usually requiring a specific format or template for import. Trade-order entry systems, investment accounting systems, risk systems, and reconciliation systems are useless without reliable data.

One such solution, Advent Custodial Data (ACD), was an early leader in the aggregation, normalization and re-distribution of investment related data. With the ability to gather data from numerous custodians and counterparties and deliver it to portfolio management and reporting systems, it was an effective solution, albeit an expensive one. However, with technological advancements and the benefit of experience, other solutions have surpassed ACD. These newer systems offer more complete data management solutions at a lower price, providing greater ROI.

At the forefront is Smonik Systems. Smonik’s data management utility is a powerful, enterprise wide solution able to collect files from disparate sources, extract any data from any file format (including structured and unstructured PDFs), normalize and add validation steps to improve accuracy and reconcile any data sets. The data management tools allow users to control data calculations, formatting, and output without the need for time-consuming and costly development. Once the data is transformed to your desired state it can be integrated with any downstream system or go directly into Smonik’s reconciliation tool. When combined with Smonik’s ability to automate the collection of the files (or documents), transform the data, reconcile or validate the data and then customize the output, you have a powerful set of data management tools.

Most importantly, Smonik provides great value for firms involved in investment operations. It delivers an automated data management solution with fast, accurate results at a fraction of the price of its competitors, with potential savings of 50% over ACD.

A complete solution at a cost-effective price equals optimal return on investment. Please contact us to see what Smonik can do for your firm.