Organizations today have stakeholders who demand information in varying layouts, formats, and with different levels of granularity. End-users are comprised of senior management, operations managers, and analytical users who desire the ability to manipulate the metadata that ultimately builds each report.

SRP is a complete, open, and architecturally unified reporting solution for firms, delivering best in class capabilities for reporting, ad hoc query, and analysis. All financial data as well as metrics, calculations, definitions, and hierarchies are managed in a common information model, providing users with accurate and consistent insight regardless where the information is consumed.

  • Report automation – Users can run and print multiple reports from a pre-defined schedule with batching. The batching process allows reports to run overnight with other batch processes. Once all reports have finished processing, they can be sent to folders on shared network drives, printed, or sent to end clients via Smonik-Reportal.
  • User control – Users have complete control over layouts, formatting, fonts, and colors, as well as a flexible range of output options enabling wide distribution via print, HTML web pages, PDF, and online viewing.
  • Rapid report creation – A graphical, easy to use interface enables the rapid creation of reports that combine grids of data, text, charts, graphs, and images.
  • Reusable content – A library of reusable report components simplifies and streamlines the process of building and maintaining complex reports.
  • Multiple source applications – Financial Reporting accepts connections into multiple source systems/applications, including multiple databases, Smonik applications, accounting systems (Advent, Eagle, etc,) Access databases, and Excel sheets.