• Project Implementation
Integration Solutions

Smonik creates and implements custom system integration solutions to streamline and automate data flow for business processes, improve performance, and access real-time data. These solutions enable multiple disparate systems to deliver a higher over-arching functionality and reduce operational costs.

Smonik works with multiple vendors and technologies to implement integration solutions, using off-the-shelf packages with SOA, web services, EDIT, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), business process management, and custom programming.

Smonik has developed integration solutions which tie disparate applications together:

  • Accounting software from Intuit, Sage, MFG Pro
  • CRM: SF, Siebel, Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM
  • ERP: PeopleSoft, Navision, Oracle, JDE, Baan
Legacy Migration

Maintaining and upgrading legacy systems is one of the most difficult challenges CIOs face today. While constant technological change has weakened the business value of these systems, they have been developed over many years and financed through large investments.

Despite their obsolescence, legacy systems continue to provide a competitive advantage by containing invaluable knowledge and historical data. Modernizing legacy applications that are mission critical must preserve their functionality during the migration or re-platforming process.

Smonik uses a holistic approach to modernizing legacy application that addresses not only technology re-platforming but also data migration, process redefinition, and EAI issues, as well as staff training and participation needs. Our proprietary platforms and software application development methodologies, productivity tools, and open source solutions enable us to generate and assemble new, custom applications at prices comparable to off-the-shelf software. Our real-time integrated transition methodology incorporates user participation and delivers new applications incrementally though a carefully managed series of events that prevent a cliff-event at final cutover.

  • Development of tailored, enterprise-quality applications, using Smonik applications generation technology
  • Re-platforming of legacy applications by re-creating new applications
  • Enterprise level integration via flexible mechanisms such as SOA and web services
  • Unprecedented cost advantage using a combination of Smonik application generation technology and our offshore delivery model
  • Rapid application generation in response to business processes changes