Are We Really “Working” from Home?

admin | December 13, 2020| 12:10 pm

Are you meeting your goals while working from home? Have you had to cancel meetings, adjust deadlines, and postpone important decisions? Is it possible to work from home and be productive?

In this unprecedented time of being forced to work from home, our self-motivation and adaptability will be put to the test. Our current situation will be the greatest test of human working environments. It is an involuntary experiment that will determine if working remotely can actually work; if we are able to conduct the same level of business while away from an office. Is this a way forward? The answer will significantly affect the entire working world, especially real estate, as expensive properties may be unnecessary, and software, as our means to do business and communicate will need to adapt. Then there’s transportation, education, entertainment – the list goes on and on.

In an investment operations environment, where many functions are still manual, working from home is particularly challenging. Users are required to access various applications and large amounts of confidential data. This is especially true with institutional investors who invest in alternative investment vehicles. Collecting the necessary documents, already a challenge from the disparate sources involved, becomes disorganized and difficult to access from home offices with unknown IP addresses. Extracting the relevant data, also cumbersome in the best of circumstances, takes more time and effort with processing teams spread out, as do subsequent quality checks. Any inefficiencies around data processing are exacerbated by attempting these tasks with a decentralized work force.

Enter Smonik. Smonik can handle your investment data processing providing uninterrupted deliverables when unforeseen disruptions occur. Our holistic, turn-key data management solution, SMONIK AUTOMIK, can automatically collect your documents in any format, extract any data you need, and return it to you in a customized output format as required to integrate with your systems, saving you from the burden of data processing. SMONIK AUTOMIK is efficient, cost-effective, and includes automatic verification steps to ensure accuracy. By outsourcing your data processing to Smonik, you can be sure it will get done.

When your operations are being disrupted, contact Smonik to see how we can help.