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Asset Owners
Allow institutional investors such as pensions, endowments, foundations and family offices to automate the collection of pertinent data for use in downstream systems.
Institutional investors are forced to manually gather data from many of their underlying investments. Private equity funds, hedge funds and other investment vehicles will typically report capital balance statements, capital call notices, distribution notices and other important information via PDF documents, requiring investors to manually re-key data from the document to an internal recordkeeping system.
Asset Owners
Asset Owners
Smonik can automate this entire process including integration with an internal system. Smonik removes the risk of manually entering data and significantly improves efficiency.
Asset Owners – FAQ
Can Smonik automate the data extraction from capital statements, capital call notices, and distribution notices?

Yes, Smonik can extract data from these and many other document types, including K-1’s. Not only can we automate the extraction of data, we can also automate the retrieval of data from websites, FTP sites, network folders, and emails.

Once the data is extracted, can it be integrated with other systems?

When the data is extracted, the user can control the output. Data can be saved to a file on a network drive, imported to the Smonik database for reconciliation and/or reporting, or integrated with other downstream systems (such as an in-house accounting system.)

Are any of the capital statement, capital call, or distribution notice document formats from major administrators already mapped?

Many of the statement formats from the larger private equity administrators have already been mapped and are ready to use out-of-the-box.

Is the application installed in-house or is it a SAAS application?

We can either install the application within your firewall/network or we can host a private cloud for you. The private cloud would be exclusive to your IP addresses (locations) and would contain only your data.

Does Smonik support reconciliation of extracted data to other third-party systems?

Yes, you can reconcile extracted data to any third-party system. Smonik will work with you to configure reconciliation rules and develop a workflow that is specific to your needs.

Does Smonik convert account IDs, account names, fund names, security types etc. to my internal standard?

Yes, after we extract the data, we can normalize it and transform in-coming account id’s, account names, fund names, security types etc. to your standard. You can maintain these mappings on the UI or can automatically update them from existing systems.

Does Smonik allow customization of output data?

Yes, you can customize output data to your specific needs. From column definitions to date formats to standardizing names, you can configure output to any imperative.

How does Smonik handle date and number formats?

Smonik can manage all data and number formats and can convert in-coming formats to your standardized ones.

Can I configure custom checks and balances on extracted data?

Yes, we can add steps for data verification and can verify extracted data against previously extracted data or verify extracted data against third-party systems / webservices.